Message: “Son of God – Week 2 – The Nature of Belief” from Brian French

Brian French - March 15, 2020

Sitting On A Gold Mine

Living Hope

One of the challenges that can happen when we face adversity or trials is that it just feels.... big. It consumes our thoughts, our energy, our time... our.... everything. It just feels big. In this message, Brian French shares a short message (especially in light of the COVID-19 developments) that is a great reminder of how Jesus the Messiah is really is bigger than the moment. When we remember the privilege that we have, it becomes possible to experience the hope and purpose that He provides.

From Series: "Living Hope"

The challenges and struggles of life can reveal where we find our identity... our values... our hope. In this series, discover (or perhaps re-discover) why the best hope... the only hope.... is a living hope!

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